Aijaz Moinuddin For Brinbeal Ward - Wyndham City Council 2024

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Aijaz Moinuddin

I'm a versatile professional with a diverse background spanning Information Technology, Entrepreneurship, Community Service and Politics. Currently, I serve as an IT Consultant in the Public Transport Sector. My journey began with the completion of my master's degree in Information Technology, which propelled me to establish a successful IT business. Through this venture, I led the development of numerous impactful products and brands, both domestically and internationally.

Motivated by a profound desire to contribute to the welfare of others, I dedicated significant time to volunteering with esteemed organizations such as the Red Cross and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC). These experiences deeply shaped my understanding of the challenges facing communities, inspiring my transition into politics.

My political journey has seen me participate in various elections, including the Wyndham Council election and the Federal Election in 2019 and 2022, for the Lalor Division. Driven by my unwavering commitment to public service and my firm belief in the strength of Victoria and Australia, I ran for the 2022 State Election for Tarneit, with a vision of fostering a robust economy and addressing the community's diverse needs.

Throughout my endeavours, I've engaged with individuals from diverse backgrounds, from business owners to farmers and migrating families. These interactions have provided invaluable insights into the root causes of societal issues, particularly the pressing matter of affordability, which I am dedicated to addressing through meaningful political reforms to empower communities.

My passionate advocacy for education as a catalyst for societal progress is deeply rooted in personal experiences. Recognizing the significance of providing equitable access to quality education, I fervently support initiatives to upskill the workforce and create more job opportunities and eco-friendly environments.

My profile embodies a steadfast commitment to serving others, addressing systemic issues, and championing inclusive growth and empowerment within the community and beyond.

“Equality can only be achieved if we start measuring growth by affordability ratio and supporting it with equity.”- Aijaz Moinuddin

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