Candidate for the Division of Lalor

Aijaz Moinuddin

I have worked for various companies, after completing my master’s in information technology I started my own business in software development and later developed my own product brand in Australia and around world. My desire of helping others has brought me into politics and I have committed to public service to enable affordability and bring happiness in effective and organised way. As a result, establishing United People’s Party a party standing for Australians will be hard for growth unity and change. My aim is to utilize the strengthen of our nation to overcome challenges of growth and well-being. My vision is stronger Australian economy in region and proactively identifying community needs and work towards achieving them with unity and strength.

In this journey I have travelled around Australia and have met many individuals such as business owners, farmers and their families. These interactions have played a crucial role in understanding the root causes of problems that affect our population. As I started to share my experiences on an individual level, I came to realize that it is not enough looking on a wider spread of problems. So, I decided to get involve more by using political reforms. As I have observed in majority of these issues the root cause effecting the quality of life is affordability and I believe this needs to be addressed properly and considered seriously by political reforms.

I believe that education is the mirror of present and future country growth it’s a key tool for any flourishing society. I have seen my father’s hard work as a community elder and learned how crucial it is in gaining knowledge for growth and development of any community. I know the importance of resources and funds for quality education and the effects of lack of resources. Therefore, I believe nothing should stop our kids from gaining deserved quality education and easier access to higher education. Furthermore, initiatives in apprenticeships and community programs are needed to upskill and create more trade opportunities.

"Equality can only be achieved if we start measuring the growth by affordability ratio and supporting it with equity."- Aijaz Moinuddin

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Postal Address

Aijaz Moinuddin PO Box : 8074 Tarneit 3029


+61 (03) 83682944