About Us

About US

United People's Party represents Australia's will for unity and growth & is committed to Australia's peace and prosperity.

United People’s Party promotes and upholds equality, human rights, and justice. We are committed to a decent, safe, and secure society with equal opportunities.

United People's Party is committed to fair economic growth and economic justice. Our major concerns are issues of housing, wages, energy, education, and health.

United People's Party supports multiculturalism and upholds traditional and cultural values to promote diversity and unity.

Enable Affordability is our initiatives program to reduce cost-of-living by sustainable means. Our affordable program combats issues affecting millions of Australians daily. We primarily focus on affordable housing, energy, and cost-effective commodities.

United People's Party is committed to climate change. Initiative programs will focus on promoting more clean renewable energy with the goal of reducing emissions and breaking out of the energy billing cycle. This will be done by overcoming the challenges of investment in renewable energy sources and reducing privatization.

United People's Party welcomes all Australians to join us and be part of the change in building Australia.

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